Dance Class Tune Book

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If you want to learn more about playing for dance classes for children, this is the book for you. Written in conjunction with the new Pre-Primary in Dance and Primary in Dance syllabus, it offers valuable insights into the specialist world of working with dance music for children.

The book is aimed at keyboard players of any type, including pianists, but will be particularly useful for those interested in using music technology or collaborating with others to make original music for children’s classes.

  • keyboard versions of all 35 tracks from Pre-Primary in Dance CD2 (Imaginative Music Sequence music resources)
  • Short annotations to each piece, explaining principles of improvisation, tips, suggestions, and ideas for using music technology to enhance music-making
  • Toplines for treble instruments to play along with the folk ‘backing tracks’ (tracks 37-56)
  • Ten-page introduction to improvisation at the keyboard for children’s classes by Mark Northfield

Dance Class Tune Book includes an audio CD* containing:

  • All pieces in the book performed as instrumental versions with percussion and various instruments
  • Backing tracks for folk tunes

*Identical to CD2 in the Pre-Primary in Dance/Primary in Dance set.